What Is Diabetes

What Is Diabetes

How To Resist Eating Sweets

You shouldn’t be afraid of the most notorious illness there is on this planet but you should be afraid of other things that go neglected as Time passes by. For instance, people don’t pay attention to the commonest reasons to get sick, such as not paying attention to what your body is telling you and making it sure that it functions properly. We all have our cravings and it is really difficult to resist those cravings because at the end of the day it is all related to our mental capacity to understand the bigger picture.


We know that that piece of cookie is calling you and telling you to eat it, however, if you eat it, you will probably disappoint yourself because you told yourself that you do not want to eat cookies anymore. But once you eat that cookie you tell yourself that one cookie cannot harm you and then you lose control. Of all foods that we have at our disposal, commercial sugars are the worst ones because they can be a cause of some serious diseases.

If you gain weight in your stomach area and you feel fatigued and tired and like you need something sweet all the time you should have your blood tested for diabetes. There are two types of diabetes and if you don’t have diabetes 1 you can develop diabetes 2 or the course of years because it is the one that people develop by eating too many sweets.

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